Leisure Projects

Passionate about conservation and Africa’s natural heritage, the Collins Group have taken a robust approach to contributing towards the tourism sector in the SADC region. A specific focus on eco-tourism has resulted in Collins having acquired part or wholly interests in a staggeringly beautiful portfolio of camps and curated eco-tourism experiences. These range from five-star game-fishing charters in the wildest heart of Africa through to a number of luxury camps in Big Five game reserves, raw and earthy beach adventures in verdant Pondoland to the tranquillity of crystal-clear waters on a private island in the Indian Ocean archipelago of The Seychelles. The vision of celebrating these natural assets is upheld throughout all experiences and hospitality offerings within the group. The directors are unwaivering in honouring their commitment to maintaining the authenticity of each destination and touching the earth lightly.

Welcome to South Africa! Collins Residential proudly presents this thrilling venture as the developer of this project, with the esteemed Club Med taking the helm as our hotel operators. Nestled along the enchanting North Coast Indian Ocean coastline, situated north of Ballito, Club Med Tinley graces the eastern shores of South Africa, in the province of Kwazulu-Natal. Here, the awe-inspiring natural scenery basks in radiant sunshine for over 300 days annually. Amidst immaculate beaches, regal mountain ranges, and wildlife sanctuaries, this province offers visitors an indelible and unparalleled experience as we embark on the planning and development journey of this colossal resort and the remarkable R2 billion investment into KwaZulu-Natal unfolds.

Machaba Safaris is independently owned and run and is aimed at the affordable luxury markets across the world, offering great value for money and a unique classical experience. Machaba Safaris operates in both Botswana and Zimbabwe with eco-luxury camps and lodges carefully placed in prime safari destinations.

Alphonse Fishing Company is passionate about preserving the destinations it fishes and places emphasis on responsible practices that will ensure these amazing and fragile ecosystems are protected for future generations. The spectacular atolls we operate from comprise of the Alphonse Group of Islands, Cosmoledo Atoll, Astove Atoll, Farquhar Atoll, the Amirantes Chain of Islands as well as a few other gems.

Blue Safari Seychelles is a journey like no other, allowing the most remote and pristine Outer Islands and atolls of the Seychelles to be explored. Discover the magnificence of Alphonse Group of Islands, Cosmoledo Atoll, Astove Atoll and the Amirante Islands by air, land and ocean.

With one hundred and fifteen Islands to explore, the Seychelles Islands are the true gem of the Indian Ocean. Exclusive coral reefs and timeless granite rock formations surrounded by bleached white sand beaches and azure waters are best discovered onboard one of the luxury vessels in our fleet. Beyond the Reef Charters caters for private groups, families, couples or solo travellers looking for the perfect mix of adventure, exploration and relaxation.

African Waters specialises in using fly fishing tourism to protect, rehabilitate, and conserve some of Africa’s wildest and most vulnerable aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. We achieve this through developing and managing fly fishing camps in the most pristine and remote wilderness areas in Africa.

Bayete Zulu Lodges are set in the heart of the ‘Big-5’ Manyoni Private Game Reserve which is considered to be one of the most densely stocked and ecologically balanced reserves in northern KwaZulu-Natal. Manyoni, covering 23 000 hectares, consists of a varied landscape of mountains, open plains and dense riverine woodlands.

On the east coast of South Africa lies a remote and forgotten wilderness, Pondoland. Pondoland moves at its own pace and is the least developed and most pristine area of this shoreline. The bountiful ocean and unique microclimate support a rich biodiversity hosting one of the densest concentrations of marine mammals on earth.